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3D Wall Paper

Size: 77*70cm/ 70*70cm/ 60*60cm etc. customized accepted 70×70cm, 60×60cm

Product Description

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper

Product Parameters

Product Name3d Wallpaper Wall Sticker Brick
MaterialXPE, PE Foam, EVA Foam
Size77*70cm/ 70*70cm/ 60*60cm etc. customized accepted 70×70cm, 60×60cm
PaymentWithin 3 days

Product Pictures

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper

Product Details

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper

Product Advantage

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper

About Us

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper


3D Brick Foam Wallpaper

Logistics Informatio

3D Brick Foam Wallpaper


Answering frequent question for customers about us and our product

Q1. What size about this product?

A: Normally 70×77cm, 70×70cm, 60×60cm, length 70cm, height 77cm, 1pc area about 0.536m2

Q2. Is it waterproof? Can it be used for bathroom and balcony?

A: It is waterproof, moisture proof, mildewproof, so it can be used for both bathroom and balcony. But please kindly note that front surface is dry. It will not be damp if glue is dry.

Q3. Which surface can be applied?

A: Cement wall, glass surface, wood surface, tile surface, latex painting wall etc.

Q4. How to calculate quantity for application?

A: for example, you require 10m2 area application, then application quantity will be 19pcs

Q5. Do you have after sale service?

A: Yes, After sale service 24h×7.

Q6. Can it be cut according to customized size?

A: Yes, of course, cut freely

Q7. Does it have odor? Environmental protection?

A: Honestly speaking, it has a little glue odor, it will not have glue odor after sticking 24h
Yes, eco friendly

Q8. How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is within 3-10 days, of course also according to quantity and customization.

Q9. How to guarantee the quality?

A: Strict product quality control, quality first. Every product from our factory has strict testing procedures, and must be 100% quality guarantee before delivery.

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